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The riders that call the Plaza and Latte Land home are just a handful of Kansas City sportbike riders. Several other groups have started meeting in our popular spot, but the riders of this site primarily meet on weekend mornings.

You'll find that we like the safety of riding in an organized fashion next to the person we've shared coutless miles with. We don't fly down the busy city streets and scare grandmothers. Possibly a few, but they also get sacred by their cats on a daily basis.

We enjoy meeting other riders in town and if you share our riding style, we'd love to have you along on a ride. Safety gear works! We'd rather ride with those who wear it.

We ride with riders of all skill levels. We encourage riding your own pace and not trying to keep up with someone who is comfortable at quicker pace. Riding your pace leads to safer rides. And when we hit the curves, this becomes very important.

Honda Sport Touring Association's web page has a MUST READ article called The Pace written by Nick Ienatsch.

"The Pace is a street riding technique that not only keeps street riders alive, but thoroughly entertained as well." - Nick Ienatsch

Please read The Pace and consider it's benefits to you and any group you join for a ride.







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