1-24 | 25-44 -photo sets of Ark_09_25_04
dscn0110 dscn0112 dscn0115 dscn0119 dscn0120 dscn0123
Group shot Leg up quick stop Scary Fly fisherman Ryan, Jim
dscn0124 dscn0127 dscn0129 dscn0130 dscn0131 dscn0132
Trout Sign Kurt, Jim, Ryan Mouth of river Don't Jim!
dscn0138 dscn0139 dscn0140 dscn0141 dscn0142 dscn0143
Tyson Stop here! James James Ryan Roadtripper
dscn0144 dscn0145 dscn0146 dscn0147 dscn0151 dscn0155
Ummmm... James, Ryan What? James Kurt Yellow line barrier



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