The Mt. Rushmore trip. Memorial weekend 2003. “Getting to the Badlands”


1-30 | 31-60 | 61-90 | 91-120 | 121-150 | 151-180 | 181-210 | 211-237
109-0924_img_john_wil img_0004 img_0008 109-0925_img img_0010 img_0013
John and Wil leave Wil prepares FZ1 vs Fazer John Last in   Approved parking
img_0014 dscn5680 dscn5681 109-0928_img 109-0926_img img_0018
...except Wil demonstrates... First Stop  Stop before Badlands Badlands next Badlands
109-0929_img 109-0931_img 109-0932_img dscn5682 dscn5685 dscn5684
Parking Wil was forced... Badlands R6 Kurt Wil
dscn5683 dscn5686 img_0020 img_0021 img_0023 img_0022
Larry and Lee View from here Wanna race? Go! John John 
109-0937_img 109-0935_img 109-0936_img dscn5689 109-0940_img dscn5687
  Wil Group Another group One more Badlands Badlands Southern view



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