Blue Ridge Parkway, Skyline Drive. and Deals Gap Oct 12-20 2001


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John Dripping wet. 385 miles of this. Knoxville hotel John at Deals Gap Kurt at Deals Gap Helmet chasing after a fall.
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Dragon Slayers (NEW) Kurt's R6 (NEW) John's ZX9R (NEW) Bryson morning Camp Bryson (NEW) fog lifts
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Entering the Parkway (NEW) Johnathan Creek Highest point on the Parkway A change in altitude John at the Devil's Courthouse View from the Devil's Court
John and Kurt's 2700 mile, 8 state, 8 day, trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway, Deals Gap and Skyline Drive.

After spending Friday night in St. Louis, we pull out of John's parent's garage into a driving rain would be like that for the next 385 miles!

We make it to Knoxville Saturday night. After four tries we finally find a hotel with a drier, everything was soaked. And we thought we were prepared. Even a small trickle of rain coming over the collar of Kurt's jacket ended up soaking him after several hours. The jacket it's self kept the rain out because the Kilimanjaro had been sprayed heavily with silicone. John's new Tourmaster did nothing to keep the rain out.

We had to wait till the next afternoon for the storm to clear, then we could head off to Deals Gap. What a ride that is with full saddlebags of camping gear. After the Gap we head to Bryson city and set up camp right on the rivers edge.



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