KCPS Trackday at Mid-America Motorplex May 9, 2003


1-18 | 19-36 | 37-54 | 55-72 | 73-80
dscn5625 dscn5625_small dscn5626 dscn5627 dscn5628 dscn5629
  James R Matt Jim and Greg James R Kurt follows John
dscn5630 dscn5631 dscn5632 dscn5633 dscn5634 dscn5635
Greg, Andy and Matt   Jim Guff, Matt and Greg Guff, Matt and Greg Joe
dscn5636 dscn5637 dscn5639 dscn5640 dscn5641 dscn5642
      Guff, Greg and Loren Greg R6 club



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