KCPS Trackday at Mid-America Motorplex May 9, 2003


1-18 | 19-36 | 37-54 | 55-72 | 73-80
dscn5643 dscn5645 dscn5647 dscn5649 dscn5650 dscn5651
Matt Joe Greg, James and John ?, Guff, Matt    
dscn5652 dscn5653 dscn5653_matt dscn5654 dscn5656 dscn5657
Guff and Matt Guff and Matt Matt John, Andy, Kurt   Matt
dscn5658 dscn5659 dscn5660 dscn5661 dscn5662 dscn5664
Guff Single file Loren, Guff, Joe John and Andy Kurt Rick



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