The Blue Ridge Parkway trip


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See ya! Customary photo leaving town To STL Thanks The Arch fogged in
img_0045 img_0065 img_0069 img_0077 img_0081 img_0084
James Kentucky Kentucky SnackTime The day wears on. Long Shadows
dscn7126 img_0093 dscn7129 dscn7132 dscn7133 dscn7134
Staunton Virgina Fog again Entering the Parkway John and James Kurt The Parkway
im_0102 im_0103 dscn7135 dscn7138 dscn7143 dscn7146
Great tunnels Light at the end of the tunnel Peaks of Otter Woodies Serious LOL
dscn7147 dscn7151 dscn7152 dscn7154 im_0106 dscn7164
Easily entertained The one pocket jacket Fire? Pyros Paranoid John has had it!



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