The Blue Ridge Parkway trip


1-30 | 31-60 | 61-90 | 91-120 | 121-150 | 151-180 | 181-210 | 211-218
dscn7166 dscn7169 dscn7170 dscn7171 dscn7175 dscn7180
Smoke screen Lost Spread the love   James Nice seat
dscn7183 im_0107 dscn7189 im_0109 im_0111 dscn7200
Looking at bikes again. Dinner is at what time? Finally Riding Riding Location?
dscn7202 dscn7201 dscn7203 im_0114 dscn7204 dscn7205
Overlook Kurt Maps Clue Empty thoughts More sites
dscn7207 dscn7208 dscn7209 dscn7210 im_0117 im_0119
James John Kurt Three Amigos Chain lube Side saddle
im_0123 im_0124 dscn7235 im_0126 im_0136 dscn7212
Glances Pointing at a bird Scenery improves A pattern forms More birds Wood Patrol



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