The Blue Ridge Parkway trip


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Heading out Are we still on the road? It's up here somewhere. Cold front is here. It's gonna get wet Dishes?
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Stay puff jacket Gonna clear up? Rollin' on Doh! Viaduct Break time
dscn7270 dscn7272 dscn7280 dscn7287 dscn7276 dscn7293
Trail time It's dry in here! Clouds lift Nice sunset Rossi ! Passing time
dscn7319 dscn7295 dscn7296 dscn7297 dscn7298 dscn7299
Mt. Mitchell Weather? Frost Frosty Slow down! I love you man!
dscn7301 dscn7304 dscn7306 dscn7307 dscn7308 dscn7312
Freezing Kurt BRP John Windy Winding road



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