The Blue Ridge Parkway trip


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dscn7214 dscn7217 im_0128 dscn7218 dscn7220 dscn7221
FZ1 Six of one, a thousand of another Small load Coffee Shop? What day is it? Overlook
dscn7222 dscn7223 dscn7230 dscn7225 dscn7231 dscn7233
Overlook Beer run Areal perspective Off the Parkway Overlook Overlook
im_0132 im_0129 im_0134 dscn7239 dscn7237 dscn7241
Where there is smoke... Supplies More supplies Bikes on the hill Homie Large campsite
dscn7243 dscn7244 dscn7236 im_0130 im_0137 dscn7247
Fire!!!! Are you sure? Float bowls Clearing mosquitoes More wood The special
dscn7253 dscn7255 dscn7256 dscn7257 dscn7258 dscn7259
Mindless... Cool! Mystical Still haning around Fog Fog



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